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Artist Statement 


Pottery possesses a unique ability to provide an intimate space for well-being practices, becoming an approachable medium secured in domestic traditions. My ceramic and cork sets are designed to service desires and daily routines, navigating how to make moments that assist in centering on mindful intentions and the enjoyment of food. The development of the wheel-thrown forms comes from the experience of using objects frequently, and each set was created in the studio to assist my life at home. I invite the user to ponder the importance of objects within daily rituals. I am allowing the user to reexamine our habitual rituals and relationship to objects in moments of nourishment.


Each collection has been thoughtfully crafted to adapt to individual preferences, reflecting on the duality between the domestic household’s simple and complex habits. I challenge the notion of our quickly paced life through a series of functional ceramic sets that embrace compact, functional design and efficiency— and emphasize my desire for beauty to function in our life and our home.

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Cabinet Unit

My work offers design solutions for how to store everyday household objects and at the same time present them. The use of the cabinet is built with this dual purpose in mind, how to store and present and make a collection something more than just a dish you place away.

The cabinet unit is multi-functional and can act as either two side shelves, a pullout drawer, or when whole a custom cabinet. This cabinet was painstakingly handcrafted to exact specifications with careful attention to detail for exceptional quality to store the 4.5 and 8.25 collections. Much like the ceramic series, these cabinets offer a wide range of interactions for function and presentation. They present a sense of balance and symmetry that allows for choice, reflection on downsizing with comfort and beauty all-in-one. The cabinet aids the viewer for soulful personal ritual in their own home or space and the resounding magnitude that simple clay, wood & cork can enhance the livelihood of the user’s life and room it's in.


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