Hi everyone! My name is Jordan Blankenship I’m a ceramic artist from the state of Florida. An artist, travel enthusiast, plant whisperer, and dog lover. I jump back and forth between the things I love to do, but my focus is…. Ceramics. Between all the various methods I've experimented  with, why choose clay? I still remember the very first time I touched clay in college... I was hooked. Now like many other potters, I’m a professional addict.


Now I focus towards making handcrafted functional pottery. I make each piece using the potter’s wheel or by hand building. I strive for making ceramic work with production in mind, and I think of the functionality behind my decisions.  With my body of work, I love creating pieces for others to use and enjoy. 


I received my B.A. degree in Art from FGCU this was in a focus of Ceramics, with a minor in digital media design. During my time at FGCU I was  awarded the Seidler Grant for research, where I converted a decommissioned electric kiln to gas to achieve atmospheric surfaces using solutions for soda. That research lead to a presentation at the annual NCECA conference. I worked as the Art Director at a local studio, Clay More Ceramics, in Naples and instructed a number of classes and workshops. I have now taken on a year position as a PCB ceramic student at Umass Dartmouth, working to build my craft and embrace the process of making and learning.