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Hi everyone! My name is Jordan Blankenship I’m a ceramic artist from the state of Florida. An artist, travel enthusiast, plant whisperer, and dog lover. I jump back and forth between the things I love to do, but my focus is…. Ceramics. Between all the various methods I've experimented  with, why choose clay? I still remember the very first time I touched clay in college... I was hooked. Now like many other potters, I’m a professional addict.


Now I focus towards making handcrafted functional pottery. I make each piece using the potter’s wheel or by hand building.

The philosophy is simple: everything is 100% handmade with an attention to quality.  My functional objects are intended to bring joy into the home—drawing inspiration from the simple, well-designed things of ordinary life and finding ways to elevate our daily routines.

"I want to celebrate the beauty of simplicity where objects can be appreciated when made thoughtfully and honestly…." -Jordan Blankenship



Jordan Blankenship is a functional ceramic designer; she explores developing ceramic sets that embrace practical thinking while playing with systems and outcomes that challenge expected limitations. Blankenship holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida Gulf Coast University and is working towards her Master of Fine Arts degree in ceramics at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.  Today, Jordan’s collections can be found through partnerships with retailers across the United States. Jordan works from her studio in Estero, Florida where she continues to hone her craft.

 During her time at FGCU she was awarded the Seidler Grant for research, where she converted a decommissioned electric kiln to gas to achieve atmospheric surfaces using solutions for soda. That research lead to a presentation at the annual NCECA conference. Jordan also held the position as the Art Director at a local studio, Clay More Ceramics, in Naples and instructed a number of classes and workshops. 


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