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Structuring Light

Senior Project 

I’ve always had a fascination with Architecture and the buildings around me. In my approach to clay, I try to understand the balance between function and decoration and to capture this balance in my work through composing repeated forms and patterns. Architectural monuments have long been considered hallmarks in the evolution of human history and culture. They have always been a source of inspiration in my work. 


My work plays between both functional and sculptural, much like architecture itself.  I begin to analyze how each feature contributed to the architectural integrity of the building much like how clay supports itself through the process of making. I look for the details of construction like vaulted ribbed ceilings, upper clerestories, pointed arches, and other beautifully constructed forms. You will see this pattern reflected in my approach to fluid forms and surface design. I investigate form and detail to discover how my piece will develop.


Recently with my exploration into utilitarian pots I have begun to analyze how we use pots for everyday use. There is an appreciation for pieces that are functional, they become the most used object in that respective person’s life. I look into the design and purpose of each piece as create using the pottery wheel as my primary tool.  My work has evolved through much through the experimentation using electric and atmospheric effects and playing with different clay bodies and their properties.

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