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The intersection between industrial design and ceramics has been a key area of exploration. With my aesthetic considerations I explore how materials can be used to facilitate the function of each set. My material explorations have led me to using plexiglass, wood, leather, cork and other materials. .

Exploring Wood Burned Surfaces on the box cabinet sets. My multi-functional ceramic sets celebrate simplicity, focusing on how to encourage comfort and convenience for routine human needs

By moving the instructional designs to the back of the box how does this change the user interaction with my work. Is the sliding plexiglass door a barrier to my work? 

Exploring Material... 

"The movement to produce a thinner electronic Calculator beginning in the later half of the 1960s adumbrated a notion of quality. It was start to render the Calculator both almighty in a multifunctional sense and as small as possible that it is to establish multi-functionality and miniaturization as equal values.
 Packing numerous functions into something and making it smaller and thinner are contradictory aims, but one had to persue contradictions to its limit to find a solution...."
-Kenji Eukan
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