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Superior things have the power to make themselves at home virtually anywhere...

Kenji Eukuan 


How can I re envision my work to see how it would be used every day. How can we use cabinetry and change how we collect objects.  My current interest moving forward work on designing new Furniture and packaging displays 


As I try to understand the potential of cabinets and reveal the possibilities of how we aestheticize the everyday object.I analyze the diverse considerations and experiences the user can celebrate and look at the moment the work leaves my studio and how it heads to a new life with the consumer

I certainly use industrial and digital tools the central question for me is how to retain the warmth of a handmade object and how the machine can contribute its own unique warmth what's the difference between a flaw in a variation how can I use both the intentional and the unintentional can create a system of making in which the juxtaposition of ideas lies at the heart of it...

- Ayumi Horie 

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