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Artist Project: Stacking Series

"The work highlights how efficient designs can change how we live, and how we use ceramics..."


- Jordan 

Function & Design

ARTIST STATEMENT Jordan Blankenship

I fuse the familiar with my work into something new, something reimagined. I design customizable ceramic forms that adapt to individual preferences, entertaining the duality between the domestic household's complex and simple habits. Functional pottery provides me with an accessible structure to explore how we translate impressions into an experience.

Through my series of multi-functional ceramic sets, I explore topics on efficiency and design, understanding how we can reorganize our home. The concept of my work is to have an object that goes beyond a singular function. It expresses a simple approach through which objects and their intended functions, with their varied methods of making, reach beyond their expected limitation.

I aim to make the work available to the world in a considered way, to reflect certain qualities: an essential simplicity of form, an appreciation of efficiency, and the conscientious use and handling of materials, the dedication to craftsmanship, and how I operate within the guardrails of function.

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 10.32.09 PM.png

Research Design

Helen Von Bosch who designed a four table dinner setting that nested together in the shape of an orb. The Labou was made for Villery & Bosch . The plastic dinnerware set was made in greens yellows and orange of that era- the orb features 7 pieces in total to serve two people two bowls for dinner plates and one serving platter.


It is a striking comparison between aesthetics and function. 

Cake and Mixing Bowl- Jordan copy.jpg


I find the ability to customize preferences important to facilitate an intimate connection to the food and traditions of the individual. Limitless potential as you rearrange the individual pieces.

Designed with storage in mind. The work highlights efficient  designs changing how we live, and how we think of storage for ceramic sets.


Daily Rituals

My sets are made by hand with deliberate attention to craftsmanship and precision. Pottery possesses a unique ability to provide an intimate space for conversation, becoming an approachable medium secured in domestic traditions. 


Create the ideal set for your lifestyle. My sets encourage freedom in the process of preparing a meal or brewing a cup of tea. 

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